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Frequently asked questions regarding the PS2 Xploder V5 including Media Centre...

CHEATS – FAQIMPORTANT NOTE - XPLODER V4 USERS If you have an older version of Xploder, Xploder V5 will load in the older cheat file saved onto your memory card rather than the 692 games and 59000+ codes stored on the V5 disc. As V5 contains our most comprehensive list of cheats, it is almost certain that your preferred cheats and any new cheats you had entered onto V4 will already be included on the Xploder V5 cheat list. Xploder is operating normally and this feature gives you the option of using the existing cheats you have created or using the new Cheat file for V5. To use the new the cheat list, load your Xploder V4 and go to the Memory Card Manager feature. Insert you memory card and select the file "Xploder V4 Professional". Now press SQUARE to zip the file. Your old cheat file will now be zipped and can be unzipped at a later date should you need access to it. Now load your Xploder V5 disc with Memory card inserted and you can access the full Xploder V5 cheat file from the disc and create a new cheat file on your memory card for any new cheats added.

Q: When I put the “Xploder® V5” disc in my PS2 and press Reset, the disc sounds like it spins round but then nothing loads on screen. A: Firstly, try leaving the disc to load for at least 30-45 seconds. Some PS2’s may take longer to load discs than others. Secondly, check to see if the disc has any scratches on it. If it does, this makes it harder for the PS2 to read your disc, and it may not work. If it has no scratches on it try standing your PS2 vertically, as this can aid your PS2 to read the disc if your PS2 laser is weakening. Q: When I try to load the “Xploder® V5”, I get a screen on my TV that says “Disc Read Error” or "Please insert a PlayStation or PlayStation 2 format disc". What should I do? A: Try your Xploder disc on another PS2 console, if it works on another console then the disc is fine, it is the PS2 that is causing it not to load. Try loading the disc with the PS2 standing vertically, this sometimes helps with inconsistent PS2’s. Also make sure there are no scratches on the disc, as this may cause the disc to not load. Q: At a certain point in my game when I have cheats activated, the game acts weird/freezes. Why is this? A: When activated, some Cheat Codes make the game you are playing do things different to when it is being played without codes. For example, if you activate a “Make enemies not move” cheat, you may get to a point in the game where you need the enemies to move, in order for you to complete the game. This may cause the game to behave strangely. Q: Why does my game not load/crash with cheats activated? A: You may have too many codes activated – Try using less cheats. Q: Will these codes cause my PlayStation®2 to malfunction or stop working? A: Absolutely not. “Xploder® V5” does not affect the PlayStation®2 itself; it merely changes addresses and values in a game's memory while the game is running. If a code causes an undesirable effect in a game, simply press the reset button and make sure the codes were entered properly.

Q: Some codes I've found do not work on my Xploder. What do I do? A: First verify that the code was entered correctly. If it still does not work, then check your source. We only guarantee “Xploder® V5” codes that are published by www.xploder.net, authorized affiliate sites or are featured on Xploder sponsored code pages in Magazines. Q: Will the “Xploder® V5”, allow me to play import titles on my PlayStation®2? A: No, “Xploder® V5” was not designed to allow the use of import titles on the PlayStation®2. Q: I’ve entered some cheats from your website and they don’t work! Why? A: For all PlayStation 2 games, you must enter the Mastercode (M) otherwise the cheat will fail. Also, ensure that all the codes for the particular cheat are entered correctly and ensure the codes are for the correct game. A: If you are entering official cheat codes for the “Xploder® V5” from our website, the validity of the codes will automatically checked when activate them. If the codes you have entered are not valid you will be prompted to re-check that you have entered the codes correctly. If you enter V4 codes, they will not be checked and we cannot guarantee compatibility with your games. Q: The “Xploder® V5” will not recognize my game. Why? A: If your Game is not recognized, double-check for your game title in Expert Mode. If your game is not in the list, then visit our website at www.xploder.net for new cheats or update your cheats with the Online Updates feature. A: If you have a modified PS2, we cannot guarantee that the auto disc recognition will function properly as some mod-chips interfere when reading disc ID’s.

DVD REGION FREE FAQQ) Does DVD Region Free play with RCE protected Movies? A) DVD Region Free plays all region movies released to date, including RCE titles. Q) Does DVD Region Free play PAL and NTSC? A) You can play NTSC DVDs on a European PS2 but you cannot play PAL DVDs on an NTSC Playstation 2. This is a restriction of the PlayStation® 2 hardware. Q) Can I play other imports, like games, as well as DVDs? A: No DVD Region Free is for playing import DVDs only.

Q) Does DVD Region Free solve the Green Screen problem with RGB Scart? A) Yes DVD Region Free will solve this problem provided that your PS2 is set to RGB mode. Q) Why does my PAL television picture roll when playing an American DVD? A) This means your TV is not capable of displaying a 60Hz NTSC signal. You need to use a 60Hz NTSC compatible TV. All US movies are NTSC 60hz and this is not a fault with the Region Free DVD software. Q: When using the DVD Region Free, my DVD Region 1 or NTSC DVDs play in black & white. A: This will happen if you use the video cable that came with the PlayStation 2 or an RF Unit. You will need to use a fully wired RGB SCART cable in order for your NTSC television to display a full colour picture. The cable can be purchased from right here in the Xploder Shop. Q: My picture is rolling.Q: My picture is not stable.Q: My picture fades in and out. A: This could indicate your television is not NTSC compatible as many older TV’s (and some newer one’s) are not compatible with NTSC. If this is the case, the only solution is purchase a TV that is compatible with NTSC. Another cause could be that you have the PlayStation 2 connected via a video. The PlayStationÒ 2 has to be plugged directly into the television when playing DVDs regardless of whether DVD Region Free is being used or not. This is due to the protection system used to stop the DVD being copied to video.

Q: My DVD just simply doesn't play. What could be the reason? A: Have you removed the DVD Region Free and put in a DVD before selecting Play? If not, you should eject the drawer once the DVD Region Free is loaded and insert the DVD you wish to play. It can take several seconds for the DVD to play due to the way the DVD Region Free functions. If the DVD isn't playing within a minute of selecting Play from the DVD Region Free Menu, there may be a problem. This could be caused by the PlayStationÒ 2 not being correctly set up as found in the manual. It could also be caused by a faulty or damaged DVD. If your machine is modified, i.e. it is a “chipped” console, then the DVD Region Free will not function because of interference caused be these chips. Q: Once I've used DVD Region Free do I need to load it again? A: Yes. Every time you wish to play any DVD other than Region 0, Region 2 or Region 4, you must load the DVD Region Free first, and it should always be used with all DVD’s to eliminate “green-screen”. Q: I have a two disc DVD movie and when I eject the first DVD to insert the second, the screen goes black and does nothing. A: Due to the way DVD Region Free works you must always use it before playing each disc in a multi DVD set. Q: Can the DVD Region Free damage my PlayStation 2? A: It is not possible for the DVD Region Free software to damage your console. As soon as the PlayStation 2 is reset, put in standby mode or turned off, the memory that holds the DVD Region Free is emptied.

MEMORY MANAGER & GAMESAVES – FAQQ: I tried zipping a Game save but it said “This type of file unsupported”. I also tried to copy it to another memory card but it came up with the same message. Why? A: Unfortunately, some game save data cannot be zipped or copied. This is down to the individual game and some game save data will not be compatible with the Xploder Memory Manager. Q: My game won’t load my zipped game saves. Why? A: No game can load zipped game save files. The game saves must be un-zipped using the Xploder Memory Manager before they are used with a game. This is so that the game can recognize them. Q: Can I download a save from the CD onto my memory card, if I already have a save for that game on the memory card? A: Some games will not allow for multiple game saves of the same game to be stored on a single memory card, so you may have to store multiple saves for certain games on separate memory cards. Another way of storing more than 1 save per game on your memory card is to zip your existing saves for your particular game, then download your new save. This will allow you to have multiple saves for the same game on your memory card.

Q: Why won’t the Xploder Memory Manager recognize my memory card? A: The Xploder Memory Manager can only be used with officially licensed Sony PlayStation®2 8MB memory cards. It will not work with any other memory card. Q: I used the Game Saves section to download lots of Game Saves to my PlayStation®2-memory card, but now it says “Not enough free space on PS2 memory card”. What does this mean? A: This means your PlayStation®2-memory card has no free save space. Use Xploder Memory Manager to delete or zip some of your saves to free up some space. You can see how full your memory card is by looking at the memory bar at the bottom of the screen. Maximum capacity is 8000k. Q: If I have an existing Game Save, can I use cheats for that existing Game Save, or do I have to start a new game to use the cheats? A: If you have an existing Game Save, you can use cheats within your existing Game Save. If you choose to start from the beginning, you can use cheats for a new game as well.

Q: I have copied some files/folders to a PS2 Memory Card, but when I view them via the Memory Manager their names have changed. A: Unfortunately, the PS2 Memory Card only supports file names of up to 32 characters; this is why your file/ folder names may have changed. This is down to the PS2 Memory Card, and is not a fault of “Xploder® V5” Memory Manager. Q: Why can’t I copy or save files to my USB storage device? A: “Xploder® V5” currently only supports read-only functions from USB Mass Storage Devices, so you cannot copy files to USB devices, you can only copy from them. We may release an update in the future to allow you save and zip files on USB devices so keep checking our website for new updates at www.xploder.net Q: I can’t seem to copy large amounts of saves in one go, why is this? A: Sometimes when copying large amounts of saves at once, the PS2 cannot handle the amount of data being transferred. If you experience problems copying large groups of saves, try copying them one by one instead.

MEDIA CENTRE-FAQQ: I have some MP3’s with “Special” characters in their file names, but when I look at the files via my “Xploder® V5” it doesn’t show the names properly. A: “Xploder® V5” does not support special characters, and any files that have such characters in their name will not be displayed correctly. Please rename your files using conventional characters to view them in “Xploder® V5”. Q: Why are the track times of my MP3’s wrong? A: If your MP3 tracks are encoded with a variable bit-rate the track time may not be totally accurate. Q: My Mpeg 1 or 2 movie files won’t playback with Media CentreQ: Why does my Mpeg 1 or 2 movies stutter when played with Media Centre? A: We recommend that you only use movie media files that have NEVER been burned as a VCD or SVCD as these formats have usually been highly compressed, therefore lacking error correction and may have playback difficulties with Media Centre. Also, check that you stick to the suggested movies sizes - MPEG 1 – Max size (352x288) - MPEG 2 – Max size (480x576) A: Because there are numerous manufacturers that make memory cards and USB devices, they all have different specifications and read speeds so you may experience slow or stuttered playback of MPEG and MP3 files.


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